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Guidance Department

Welcome to the CHS Guidance Department:

Please take time to review our Guidance Department website by clicking on the "Quick Links" on the left side of this webpage.  The information on this site is resourceful and easy to access.

CHS Guidance Counselors:

Beth Albert ¦ Matthew Buderman ¦ Phillip Clark ¦ Michele Jaquez ¦ Michael Quiroz¦ Cristy Turner ¦ Kirsten Ulrich 

Guidance Department Phone: (631) 244-2228, press option 2 when prompted.

How to make an appointment with your guidance Counselor:

The best way to make a guidance appointment to meet with your counselor is by emailing their secretary or by stopping in the Guidance Department.

Once the appointment is made you will be receiving a “Guidance Pass” during your 2nd period class informing you of the scheduled appointment.

Clerical Support Team for the School Guidance Department: 2021-2022

 Rosemarie Madigan – Phone Ext. 1021          Email:

  • Ms. Albert          K, L, O (10, 11, 12), W
  • Ms. Turner         O (9) ,P, R (9, 10, 12), T, V, Z (9)
  • Ms. Ulrich          C, G (10, 11, 12), Q, Y

Lori Fasano – Phone Ext. 1022          Email:

  • Mr. Buderman     A, B, D (11), F (10), Z (10, 11, 12)
  • Mr. Clark             M, N, R (11)
  • Ms. Jaquez         E, I, J, S, U, X

Kim Riehm – Phone Ext. 1020

  • Mr. Quiroz          D (9, 10, 12), F (9, 11, 12), G (9), H

High School Registrar:

Mrs. Joyce Torregrossa
ext. 1096     email:

Philosophy of the Guidance Department:

The Developmental School Guidance Counseling Program at Connetquot High School is a comprehensive plan of academic, career, and personal development.  It is an integral part of the total school program and supports the goals established for all students.

The Connetquot High School Guidance Department emphasizes the relationship between the student and  guidance counselor.  It is the key to a successful program.  Through a series of sequential and developmental activities, the guidance counselor ensures that he/she is meaningfully involved with each student during each year of the secondary school experience.  In this way the student is in the best position to learn, plan and make positive decisions with the ongoing support and assistance of a guidance counselor that knows him/her well.

Integral to the success of a comprehensive, developmental program is a team approach that requires the cooperation and involvement of parents, staff members, and community organizations.  Parents are encouraged to call their student's school guidance counselor with any questions or concerns.  Meetings with the counselors are available upon request.