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Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School

60 Oakdale-Bohemia Road
Oakdale, NY 11769-1395
Principal: Sue Bailey
Phone: 631-244-2268
Fax: 631-563-6167


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7th & 8th Grade event scheduled at Dave & Busters on April 5th after school.
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If you would like to learn more about Pocono Valley Resort please explore their website by clicking on the picture above.


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Students of the Month


Matthew Gustafson
Kaitlin Gifford
Isabella Montuori
Reese Thumann
Joseph Ventimiglia
Mario Acosta
Donoven Boggs
Gavin Maron
Julia Schneider


Excellence in Education

Excellence in Education photo
The district would like to congratulate Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School social studies teacher Carmela Gustafson for earning her doctorate in education from the Columbia University Teachers College.

Due to her rigorous years of study, Dr. Gustafson was awarded her doctorate on Feb. 13 after defending her dissertation, “It’s Like a Puzzle in a Million Pieces, the Productive Possibilities of Conflict in a Teacher Inquiry Group.”

According to Dr. Gustafson, pursuing a doctorate has been a dream of hers since before she started teaching. While her parents never had the opportunity to finish high school, she believes it was as a result of their struggles that they instilled in her a strong sense of the importance of education.  

“My decision to pursue a doctorate specifically in education was simple - to me, there are few professions as important as teaching,” said Dr. Gustafson. “Continuing to grow as an educator helps me to offer the best of myself to students. Above all, I strive to be a role model who shares at least a bit of my love of learning with my students, who themselves teach me something new every day.”

Dr. Gustafson has been teaching social studies in OBMS for the past 12 years, along with a seasoned total of 21 years within the district. 

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