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Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School

60 Oakdale-Bohemia Road
Oakdale, NY 11769-1395
Principal: Susanne Bailey
Assistant Principal: Joseph Piombo

Phone: 631-244-2268
Fax: 631-563-6167

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    Vincent Feraca Tyler Morisie                                  
Max Fischer Ashley Sanchez
Clare Kelly    Emily Wanser
                        Ashley Gomez Fernandez  Max Fischer

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Monday, 03/08: Group 2 - A Day

Tuesday, 03/09: Group 1 - A Day

Wednesday, 03/10: Group 2- B Day

Thursday, 03/11: Group 1- B Day

Friday, 03/12: Group 2 - A Day



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Experimenting and Expanding Through Art

Experimenting and Expanding Through Art thumbnail180406

Students in Danielle DePalma’s art classes at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School have been learning new creative techniques and developing a variety of different skills all throughout the school year. Recently, sixth graders created drawings of peppers with oil pastels, which taught them how to blend using this unique medium. At the eighth grade level, students created three-dimensional globes using the “Zentangle method,” a drawing technique that involves using combinations of dots, lines and curves to create structured patterns.

Drumming up Rhythm

Drumming up Rhythm photo  thumbnail180047
Drumming up Rhythm photo 2 thumbnail180048
Drumming up Rhythm photo 3 thumbnail180049
Drumming up Rhythm photo 4 thumbnail180050
Students in Melissa Johnson’s music class at Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School have been practicing rhythms and learning about call and response by participating in African drumming. This activity is done from a sitting position, each student having their own drum between their legs and using their hands to tap out the rhythms of different songs. The students are enjoying the hands-on musical and cultural learning experience that African drumming provides.