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DuffHelen B. Duffield Elementary School

600 First Street
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-6304
Principal: Lisa Farrell



Parent Email Letter


Joint letter from the Nassau and Suffolk County Superintendents Association regarding photo Sharing Site



Dear Duffield Families:


Are you among the majority of people who would love to receive reminders? If you are and would have loved to receive a text message that read: Don’t forget tomorrow is a half day. The buses will pull out of the circle at 11:35, then this is for you.  


In an effort to improve communication between the school and parents, I have designed a one-way text communication through REMIND 101 where I am able to send out a reminder text to an entire group of people. This reminder would be specific to Duffield only. The text message may include emergency information. but it is truly meant to be used for general reminders. The district will continue to use the School Messenger phone messaging system for emergencies. If you would like to start receiving a text message, please follow the directions below.


  1. Text the following message: @600firstst
  2. To:   631-419-7440


Additional information:

  • REMIND 101 is a one-way text messaging system. All personal information remains completely confidential. I will never see your phone number and you will never see mine.
  • You will not be able to reply to any of the text messages. It is a one-way system only. Unless…
    • You can opt-out of the system at any time by replying “unsubscribe” @600 firstst

I know how busy you are. To help strengthen the home-school connection this is an effort to increase communication in the most convenient way for you. Joining is optional! Visit to learn more.



Lisa M. Farrell


Nicklaus Children's Hospital Certificate of Appreciation

Current News

Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day photo

Students from Duffield Elementary School recently joined thousands of other students in the worldwide phenomenon known as “Global School Play Day,” replacing traditional classroom instruction for a day filled with imagination and team-building activities.

Throughout the course of the day, students of all grade levels practiced how to play amongst one another in a social setting, trading in their SMART boards and worksheets for a number of fun-filled activities dispersed throughout the building’s classrooms. 

As each classroom was transformed into a designated space for imaginative learning, the students took part in arts and crafts, board games, puzzles and strengthened their engineering skills with building blocks. Additionally, the students were able to practice how to show mutual respect, safely solve problems and enhance their listening skills amongst their classmates.  

“Global School Play Day serves as a structured, safe day encouraging unstructured play which yields a purpose,” said Helen B. Duffield Elementary School Principal Lisa Farrell. 

According to their official website, since Global School Play Day’s inception in February 2015, the initiative has grown to include more than 535,690 students from 72 nations in the fun-filled and educational day.