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Helen B. Duffield Elementary Focuses on Wellness

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Helen B. Duffield students took an entire school day on May 13 to focus on wellness. Throughout the day, students focused on nutrition, exercise and their mental health to make them stronger and more focused on their academics and well-being, Principal Lisa Farrell reported.

During an assembly with Cohen Children’s Medical Services supervisor of outreach services, Marina Pettinicchi, the students completed five challenges dealing with positive affirmations, movement, the senses, breathing and doing what they love most.

“You have those superpowers, so you can practice mindfulness each day,” Ms. Pettinicchi said.

Students also joined personal trainer and nutrition coach Nicole Kaloustian on the school’s playground for a discussion on nutritious foods and where energy comes from, as well as some exercise. The students also streamed a motivating talk with the administration of the National Amputee Soccer Team. Teachers also hosted readalouds and wellness crafts, like Tracey Kramer’s class who made flowers with positive affirmations on the petals. There were also Zen Den workshops where discussions took place about the school tower gardens and music was played to soften moods. Each student also took a Wellness Walk and signed a pledge to focus on wellness, which hangs in the hallway.

Date Added: 5/24/2022

Helen B. Duffield’s Derek Spencer is Town’s Top Sharpshooter

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The District is pleased to announce that Helen B. Duffield student Derek Spencer won first place in the boys fifth grade category of the 33rd annual Sharpshooter Basketball Contest. The competition was held by the Town of Islip Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs on March 5 at East Islip High School. Dozens of boys and girls in the fourth and fifth grades competed in the athletic event.

All of the school’s fourth and fifth grade students participated. Their scores were recorded and compared to come up with the initial school finalists during a basketball unit in physical education. Two students per grade level and at each district school are given the opportunity to advance to the finals.

Physical education teacher Rachel Henning and Principal Lisa Farrell also congratulated the following students who qualified for the finals and represented the Connetquot Central School District:

Fourth grade: Brennan Dixon, AddisonFitzgibbon and AlexandraLomp (runner-up who competed at the finals)

Fifth grade: Emerson Mulliganand Derek Spencer

Date Added: 4/1/2022

Matchbox Force

Three students measure the distance for their Matchbox car. thumbnail215240
A student group prepares to roll a Matchbox car down a ramp. thumbnail215241

Old-fashioned Matchbox cars assisted Helen B. Duffield Elementary School fourth grade students in Valerie Walter’s class in examining the transfer of energy during a recent science class.

Ms. Walters explained that the students have been studying the transfer of energy, as part of the science curriculum, and how that energy transfer differs with a change of height and the amount of force. The students first allowed one Matchbox car to roll down a ramp and then measured the distance from point A to point B. When the students allowed a second Matchbox car to roll down the ramp and hit the first, the students measured the transfer of energy from one car to another by measuring the stationary car’s new distance. The students further examined how the height of the ramp resulted in a change of force, thus transferring a greater amount of energy between one car to another.

Date Added: 3/28/2022