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RainbowJohn Pearl Elementary School

1070 Smithtown Avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716-3899
Principal: Susan White


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Our Mission Statement

The John Pearl School provides a safe and supportive environment based on respect and cooperation.  Together we can grow into learners who will contribute to our school and society.  Our goal is to provide all children with a lifetime of learning, achievement and success.


Our Motto

"Together We Can Reach Our Goals"


Pearl Acrostic

P – Polite

E – Eager

A – Always Helpful To Others

R – Respects Others and Property

L- Listens


John Pearl Elementary Focuses on Wellness

Students in Class Holding Their Calm Down Jars thumbnail216353
Students Drawing on Paper thumbnail216354
Students Drawing on Paper thumbnail216355
Students in Class Raising Their Hands thumbnail216356
Student Making Calm Down Jar thumbnail216357

John Pearl Elementary School students took a day out of their normal schedule to focus on personal wellness during Wellness Day.

The day commenced with the students listening to a meditation application over the school’s intercom system. They also attended an assembly with Cohen Children’s Medical Services supervisor of outreach services, Marina Pettinicchi, who gave them tips on how to focus on mental health and to prepare themselves physically and mentally.

The students completed a Mindful Mountain Challenge in which they completed five challenges dealing with positive affirmations, movement, the senses, breathing and doing what they love most.

“You have those superpowers, so you can practice mindfulness each day,” Ms. Pettinicchi said.

Students in Jeanne Cardone’s class also created “calm down” jars with glitter, glue, water and beads. The students enjoyed watching the glitter and beads fall to the bottom of the jar as they listened to calming music to help them to be mindful of the moment, focus and relax.

Students in Krystal Zaglool-Rivera’s art class created neurographic artwork, a method of transforming one’s stress or fear by drawing freeform lines and then coloring the finished piece. Additionally, third grade students participated in a Mindful Scavenger Hunt, looking for various objects in nature while enjoying the great weather.

Date Added: 4/28/2022

Pearl Circus Video

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Date Added: 4/5/2022

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