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SlocumEdith L. Slocum Elementary School

2460 Sycamore Avenue
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-6095
Principal: John Delio

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Our Mission Statement

As the sun nurtures life, we the Slocum community, strive to guide our children towards academic excellence and social maturity within a safe and caring environment.


We believe:
all people have the right to learn in a safe and secure environment.
all people have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
all people share in the responsibility of education.
all people have great potential and should strive to be the best they can be.
if you try, you can!

Rising to the Top

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Fifth grade students from Edith L. Slocum Elementary School utilized their engineering skills to create miniature “roller coasters” with assistance from Miss Julia and Mr. Steve representing Port Jefferson’s Long Island Explorium.

In order to prepare for the project, students watched an exciting video which highlighted roller coasters from around the world. The students discussed what made roller coasters both safe and fun, then shared their own experiences amongst one another. They were then asked to create a design for their own “roller coasters” using insulated foam tubing, tape, cardboard tubes and other materials which were supplied for the duration of the 60-minute time frame.  

Saying “No” to Strangers

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Students from Edith L. Slocum Elementary School recently welcomed Patrick Chierichella of the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation who spoke to students about informative strategies on avoiding strangers. 

During the presentation, Mr. Chierichella and his staff talked to the students about being aware of their surroundings, who they interact with and how to make decisions that will ultimately keep them safe. Using a series of engaging skits and characters, students participated in strategies that would minimize the chances of interacting with a stranger.  

Founded by Matthew J. Barbis after a tragic event, the Rose Brucia Safety Awareness program focuses on educating elementary-level students on the concepts of awareness, safety and trust. 

Students Learn to ‘See and Be Seen’

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Kindergarteners from Slocum Elementary School were recently taught important outdoor safety practices courtesy of Suffolk County Department of Health Services representative Robin Spencer during a recent assembly, “See and Be Seen.” Throughout Mrs. Spencer’s presentation, the students discussed multiple pedestrian and traffic scenarios, and were taught how to properly stay alert when walking around their own neighborhood. Additional skills reinforced included using a sidewalk when available, crossing the street only when safe to do so and wearing bright clothing to remain visible to drivers. 

Fire Safety

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Fire Safety  thumbnail136552
Fire Safety  thumbnail136553
Fire Safety  thumbnail136554
Fire Safety  thumbnail136555

In an effort to increase their understanding of essential fire-safety practices, students in third through fifth grade from Slocum Elementary School recently traveled to the Lakeland Fire Department.

During their visit, the students engaged in multiple interactive stations which were operated by trained firefighters and professionals. The stations included a walkthrough of the “smokehouse” simulator, a guided tour of a real fire engine and its many components, along with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the interior functions of an ambulance and other emergency vehicles.

Picking the Best Pumpkins

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Celebrating the spirit of the fall season, students from Slocum Elementary School recently visited a special pumpkin patch that sprouted on the school lawn courtesy of the school’s PTA. After picking the perfect pumpkins, the students labeled and decorated their gourds. 

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