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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata photo

The Duffield Elementary School Drama Club recently put on two stunning performances of Disney’s “The Lion King” for invited guests for two consecutive days of performances beginning on April 8. The students did an excellent job recreating the classic film through song and dance, as they told the tale of the young cub Simba and his many adventures. The district would like to thank Karen Pitka and Michael Innace for co-directing the production and assisting the students throughout the many weeks of rehearsals leading up to the performances.


Savvy Savers

Savvy Savers
Students at Duffield Elementary School are gaining important financial literacy advice with assistance from school math specialist Cathy Ebbecke. During an activity hosted by Mrs. Ebbecke, the students were asked to compare and contrast items in hopes of determining if they were worthy of short-term saving goals, or long-term saving goals. The students were able to conclude that expensive pieces of technology such as laptops and iPads required months of saving, whereas the purchase of toys and candy could be made once a small amount of money was saved up. 

Successes in Reading

Successes in Reading photo
Another successful Reading Fair was held at Helen B. Duffield earlier this month as part of the school’s annual Family Literacy Night.
The goal of the Reading Fair is to give students a chance to share one of their favorite books in a fun and creative way. Prior to the event, students created trifold display boards about their selected fiction or nonfiction books incorporating required elements, as they demonstrated their knowledge during presentations to a panel of judges.   

More than 80 students participated this year, and there were 27 first-, second- and third-place winners for fiction and nonfiction from Grades K-5, along with an additional 31 students who received the honorable mention title. 

Family Literacy Night is a joint effort between a Literacy Committee made up of 18 teachers, administrators and the school’s Parent-Teacher Association. The Reading Fair is coordinated by the building’s Reading Teachers, Pat Dow, April Oquendo and Jackie Sackoor.