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Nurse's Corner




If you are planning on trying out for a sport you need a sports physical.

Please contact the school nurse if your child needs a physical.



Grade 6: Sixth grade students who turn 11 years old during the school year are required to receive a T-dap vaccine upon their 11th birthday. 2 Varicella vaccines are also required.

Grade 7: New York State Law requires physical examinations for all students entering 7th grade.

Please note: If your child will be participating in a sport and has a sports physical done, they only need to submit the green sport physical form. This serves as both a sports physical AND a 7th grade physical. Only one physical form is necessary.


According to New York State Law, physical examinations are required of:

  • pupils entering school for the first time
  • pupils entering Kindergarten and Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10
  • pupils transferred or re-entering the school district


If your child requires a physical exam you have two choices:

Option 1: You may have your child examined and screened by your family physician. If you choose this options, please have the physician complete a school physical form and return it to the school nurse. 

Option 2: You may have your child examined by the school physician. Please see the school nurse to schedule an appointment.

If a student becomes ill during the school day, his/her teacher will send them to the Nurse's office. No student should:

ü  call or text their parent from their cell phone before reporting to the nurse. If necessary, school personnel will contact the parent or guardian.

ü  leave the building

ü  stay in the bathroom because of illness.

No medication, including aspirin, will be given to a student without a physician's written authorization. Parents of a student with a specific medication problem should inform the school nurse of the nature of the problem.

Any student who is injured on the way to school or in school, or while participating in a school sport or activity must report to the Nurse's office to complete an accident report.