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Fine Arts and Music Education

Mixed Choir

Connetquot High School Mixed Choir

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About the Mixed Choir
This course is open to all high school students. Students will learn to improve their individual vocal skills and musical knowledge while singing in daily large group choral rehearsals and weekly small group lessons. Students are afforded the opportunity to perform at scheduled school concerts.

Course Objectives: The course aims of Mixed Choir are:
To develop and enhance vocal technique and notation reading skills.
To develop the ability to sing vocal parts with accuracy and musicality.
To acquire knowledge of textual meaning and expressiveness in music.
To perform a wide range of musical literature.
To develop a musical vocabulary to describe performances and music in general.
To understand relationships between music, the arts, and areas outside of the arts.
To understand music’s role in history, culture, and society.
To develop cooperative skills necessary for the music making process.
To provide the school and community with musical experiences.
To develop and enhance a love of music.