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Middle School Try-outs

Please be advised that Ronkonkoma and Oakdale Bohemia Middle Schools sports will be starting on Wednesday, September 12th. There will be a brief sports meeting directly after school in the Gym on Friday, September 7th. Please have your child listen for the announcement in their building on Thursay, September, 6th. 

Caught Reading

Caught Reading 1
Caught Reading 2
Students continue to keep up with their extracurricular literary activities as the summer break winds down. Congratulations on a job well-done: Neela Coffey (Grade 4, Bosti), Gianna DeLeon (Grade 3, Cherokee), Ryan Mulvey (Grade 3, Idle Hour) and Callum Savino (Grade 3, Duffield).


Field Hockey Camp

Field Hockey Camp Pic

The fifth annual Connetquot Summer Field Hockey Camp came to a conclusion on Aug. 9, as more than 40 students, counselors and coaches came together to improve their skills in the popular sport.

Students in grades three through nine attended the morning sessions as coach Jen Piscitelli, along with her varsity players and counselors, engaged the student-athletes in a variety of basic and advanced skills and strategies they can expect to use this season. Campers were provided with several water breaks during each session, and ended the day with a series of fun games alongside the varsity counselors.


Caught Reading!

Reading 1
As part of the summer Catch a Reader/Writer program, the district is proud to commend the following students who were recently caught in the act of reading! Keep up the great work: Ariana West (grade 2, Sycamore), Kyle Long (grade K, John Pearl), Mia and Julia Smith-Pasquerella (grades 1 and K, Sycamore), Oliver and Sophie Jamrozek (grade 2 and 4, Slocum), Oliva DiGaetano (grade 5, Bosti) and Vedansh Chatterjee (grade 2, Duffield).

Have you caught a student reading or writing this summer? Email your submissions to by August 31

September Board Meeting Schedule


VIDEO: Emotions ‘N Motion


Caught Reading

Caught Reading and Writing photo
Caught Reading and Writing flyer
Students throughout the district continue to read and write during summer vacation. They are Amanda Barile (grade 5 at Sycamore), Steven Barile (grade 5 at Sycamore), Nyla Burrascano (kindergarten at Sycamore), Declan Doran (grade 5 at Bosti), Kevin Gierloff (grade 5 at John Pearl), Josie Steeneck (grade 2 at Duffield) and Juliette Steeneck (grade 2 at Duffield). 

Keep up the good work!

Summer Soccer Camp

Summer Soccer Camp photo

A total of 185 campers, coaches, trainers and counselors recently took part in the seventh annual Soccer Camp held at Connetquot High School during the week of July 30.

Divided into two age-appropriate groups, the upperclassmen attended the morning program while the younger students in grades first through sixth attended a three-hour evening session. Both current and former varsity soccer players took part in the program, assisting the younger campers by being coaches and mentors. 

After the campers were divided into groups, they were sent to activity stations where they worked on individual skill improvement and team play. In addition to skill-improving activities, the campers and coaches played a variety of games designed to keep the players sharp and motivated. Coaches Nick Sturtz and Ryan Cavanagh were very pleased with both the competition and increased number of certified trainers that took part in this summer’s soccer program.

Caught Reading

Readers image
Congratulations to the following students for keeping up with their extracurricular literary activities during summer vacation: Madeline Cowdell (grade 4 at Bosti), Tyler DosSantos (grade 3 at Duffield), John Insinga (grade 5 at Bosti), Natalie Insinga (grade 4 at Bosti), Madilyn King (grade 2 at Slocum), Ryan O’Reilly (grade 2 at Slocum), Lucas Shyman (kindergarten at Sycamore) and Nathan Shyman (grade 3 at Sycamore). Great job!

All-Sports Summer Camp

All-Sports Summer Camp photo

About 140 district campers, coaches and counselors took part in the 2018 All-Sports Camp experience, held from July 9-Aug. 3 at both Bosti and Slocum elementary schools.

At Bosti, physical education teachers Michael Konsevich and Michael Oldis put together a fun-filled program that taught the students basic skills in basketball, volleyball and soccer. Additionally, they played challenging games, attended newly released movies and visited local bowling alleys. District staff members Scott Ferguson and Amanda Ferguson were directors of the All-Sports Camp held at Slocum, where the students participated in the same activities. 

Exercises and drills were designed to teach students both basic and advanced skills to further their playing ambitions. These young T-Birds worked hard, made some new friends and are excited to put their newfound skills and confidence into practice this season.

Guidance Department Summer Informational Series


Welcoming the New Director of Guidance

Welcoming the New Director of Guidance photo
As part of its commitment to supporting students and providing resources to ensure future success, the district recently welcomed Jonathan Macaluso as the new director of guidance, effective July 1.  

This position was first suggested as the result of a yearlong analysis and the recommendation of the Career Literacy Pillar Committee, which was comprised of parents, educators, administrators and community members. 

Mr. Macaluso comes to the Connetquot School District from the South Huntington School District, where he served as the chief information officer and K-12 district director of guidance.   
As the K-12 director of guidance for the district, Mr. Macaluso will utilize his extensive knowledge and background to advance the social-emotional, academic as well as career and college counseling services provided to students. His comprehensive understanding of the new school counseling regulations recently introduced by New York State as part of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), as well as his active participation (former vice president) in the Suffolk Directors of Guidance Inc. will further enhance his ability to support district students’ personal, social, academic, and college and career-related goals.  

Mr. Macaluso graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from SUNY Geneseo, a Master of Science in school counseling from LIU Post, as well as a second Master of Science degree in school administration and supervision from Touro College. Mr. Macaluso began his career as a school counselor in the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District, where he also coached young men in lacrosse and soccer. After eight years as a school counselor, Mr. Macaluso became an assistant principal at Northport High School, where he was able to utilize his counseling skills to further guide students and assist in managing and supervising a high school of 2,200 students. In June 2008, Mr. Macaluso assumed a new position as the K-12 district director of guidance for the Commack School District. During his tenure in Commack, Mr. Macaluso’s responsibilities included the supervision of counseling services for more than 7,000 students. 

“I am truly excited to bring the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the past 20 years to the Connetquot Central School District,” he said. “I look forward to working with students, parents and other faculty members to support all students in reaching and achieving their personal, social and academic goals.”

The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry photo
The Power of Poetry photo 2
Incoming Ronkonkoma Middle School sixth-grade student Cristian Martinez has attained a number of impressive accolades based on his gift for crafting beautiful poems, including most recently being awarded first place in the Princess Ronkonkoma Productions 12th annual poetry contest for his poem, “Magic Coin.” 

Cristian’s poem was about one of his passions, soccer, and was celebrated as the top entry during a recent ceremony. In attendance for the event were Cristian’s family and his C-Quest adviser Lisa Manzo, who sparked his love of poetry in the fourth grade. 
“I love the way poetry allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in a creative way,” Cristian said. “It has been amazing to see all my hard work pay off and know that my passion is writing.”  

In addition to his most recent honor, Cristian secured a first-place title in the 2018 Bards Initiative poetry contest for his submission, “Horizon Sea.” This poem was also selected for inclusion in its publication, “Bards Annual.” 

Cristian continues to work hard throughout the summer vacation, mastering his craft. He is currently being mentored on a monthly basis by 2015-17 Suffolk County Poet Laureate Robert Savino in a program which was offered to him when he won the Walt Whitman Awards last year through C-Quest.

Cherokee Street Elementary School teachers Darren Gagnon and Cathy Mongiello were highly influential in guiding Cristian every day and making him reach his full potential. Additionally, C-Quest advisers Lisa Manzo and Kevin Keane are credited with sparking Cristian’s love for poetry.

Lacrosse Camp

Lacrosse Camp photo

Students in grades first through eighth recently took part in the 2018 boys lacrosse summer camp on the fields of Connetquot High School with assistance from high school coach Brett Jeffares and his staff.

The camp, which ran during the week of July 23, divided students into four age-appropriate working groups where they split their time between working on game specific skills and fun-filled drills. 

Additionally, multiple members of the Connetquot varsity lacrosse program served as counselors during the week. Amongst the volunteers was recent graduate George Wichelns, who accepted an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Maryland this upcoming fall. George holds the Connetquot High School all-time lacrosse records for goals scored (181), assists (138) and points scored (319).

Between the championship coaches, players and enthusiastic future T-Bird lacrosse stars, the 2018 boys lacrosse summer camp was an outstanding success.


Caught Reading

read 2
The following group of students have been keeping up with their extracurricular literary activities throughout the course of summer vacation. Keep up the good work Paeden Geha (Grade 1 at Sycamore), Giovanna LaRosa (Grade 1 at Cherokee), Robert Lockhart (Grade 3 at Duffield), Peter Nicpon (Grade 2 at Duffield), Jeffrey Paglino (Grade 2 at Bosti), Nicholas Peluso (Grade 1 at Slocum) and Tyler Santora (Grade 3 at Sycamore).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

Caught Reading

read 2
Congratulations to the following students for reading and writing in unique locations during summer vacation. Great job Chris Aprea (Grade 4 at Idle Hour), Alicia Donlon (Grade 11 at CHS), Brianna Hursak (Grade 2 at Duffield), Emilia Lockhart (Grade 2 at Duffield), Colton Mussillo (Kindergarten at John Pearl), Abigail Necci (Grade 1 at Sycamore) and Ava Patrissi (Grade 1 at Cherokee).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football photo

District students in grades six through nine recently took part in a series of free football clinics, “Monday Night Football,” during the summer in an effort to improve basic skills, conditioning and work on team-building drills.
Varsity football coach Mike Hansen and varsity defensive coordinator Mike Konsevitch developed the program and were assisted by Connetquot High School varsity football players, who worked with the campers on skills and conditioning exercises. 

The coaching staff was pleased with the turnout and enthusiasm of these future T-Birds. Each clinic session ended with competitive and fun games that the young students enjoyed. Working with Connetquot’s varsity coaching staff and players inspired the campers to improve their efforts as they look forward to the beginning of school and the 2018 football season.

Digging into the Summer

Digging into the Summer photo

Students in grades 5 through 12 recently attended the 2018 Lady Thunderbirds Volleyball Camp, where the young students collaborated with the older experienced athletes on basic skills and advanced team-related drills. The camp was directed by coach Justin Hertz, district volleyball staff members Karen Edwards, Ashley Marchese and Brianne Hertz, along with the support of current and former T-Bird volleyball players.

“This was our largest enrollment so far and the campers were both supportive and enthusiastic,” said coach Hertz. “The varsity girls joined the coaching staff and did a great job of teaching and serving as strong female role models for the campers. The best part for me is that all of the coaches had attended the camp as young campers as they were just starting out in volleyball. Now, they get the chance to give back to the sport that helped mold them.” 

The young students worked hard, made some new friends and look forward to putting their new found skills, and confidence, into practice this season. The Connetquot High School varsity volleyball team finished the regular season undefeated (18-0) and went on to win the league, Suffolk County and Long Island and New York State Championship Tournaments. 


Caught Reading

Caught Reading photo
Caught Reading photo 2
The following students were photographed keeping up with their extracurricular literary activities during summer vacation. Great job Savannah Focarile (Grade 1 at Sycamore), Connor Gierloff (Grade 1 at John Pearl), Ishaan Gupta (Grade 2 at Duffield), Jacob Kennard (Grade 2 at Slocum) and Savannah Zachry (Grade 2 at Slocum).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

Terrific Tennis

Terrific Tennis photo

Future Connetquot High School athletes are brushing up on their skills during the 2018 Thunder Tennis Academy, a summer camp open to grades K-12 run by coach Ryan Cavanagh.

More than 130 campers, plus coaches and instructors, are taking part in the Academy, which runs from July 5 to Aug. 16. In addition to teaching skills, the program is helping to raise money for financial awards given to graduating seniors that have been a part of the Connetquot High School varsity tennis program. 

The Jim Crowley Sr. Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of the longtime teacher and Connetquot High School tennis coach. To date, more than $5,000 has been awarded to qualifying students, according to coach Cavanagh. 

Caught Reading and Writing

Caught Reading and Writing photo
A number of students were recently photographed both reading and writing in unique places during summer vacation. Keep up the great work Summer Caporale (Grade 4 at Bosti), Steven P. Grillo (Grade 2 at Duffield), William Hackett (Grade 1 at John Pearl), Silas Moran (Grade 1 at Cherokee), Shannon Morley (Grade 3 at Cherokee) and Terenciya Stiffany (Grade 5 at John Pearl). 

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

#MyConnetquot #ConnetquotLEADS


Caught Reading and Writing

Caught Reading and Writing photo
Congratulations to the latest group of students who are keeping up with their extracurricular literary activities during the summer break. Great job Sean Carr (Grade 4 at Bosti), Kaylee Diaz (Grade 6 at RMS), Ryan Lasko (Grade 4 at Idle Hour), Julianne O’Keefe (Grade 2 at Duffield), Lacey Smith (Grade 2 at Sycamore) and Ryan Towle (Grade 1 at Duffield). 

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

#MyConnetquot #ConnetquotLEADS


Caught Reading and Writing

Caught Reading and Writing photo
Students of various grade levels continue to read and write as the beautiful summer weather shines on. Way to go Gia DePasquale (Grade 2 at Cherokee), Adrian Dexter (Kindergarten at John Pearl), Jacob Ingraselino (Grade 2 at Bosti), Erik Longo (Grade 2 at John Pearl), Duke Morley (Grade 4 at Cherokee) and Angelina Towle (Grade 3 at Duffield).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to mailto: by Aug. 31.

#MyConnetquot #ConnetquotLEADS


Delivering Strikeouts In Ireland

Delivering Strikeouts In Ireland photo

Connetquot High School Class of 2018 graduate Ciaran McGinnis has been selected to take part in the Junior European Baseball Championship Tournament being held in Grosseto, Italy, from July 9-15 based on his remarkable baseball talents.

Ciaran, who holds dual-citizenship due to his father being born in Ireland, was asked to join the Irish national team following an outstanding career playing for the Connetquot High School varsity baseball team. Ciaran averaged .400 at the plate this season and had a 3-3 record pitching for the team as well. He split his time on the field between playing third base and pitching.

The Irish national team will play four games to qualify for the championship round of the European tournament. 
While attending, the Irish national team is expected to play a schedule which will include games against Spain, Lithuania, Germany and Italy. The week’s results will determine the playoff schedule which may also include teams representing Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

Ciaran was a Suffolk County All-League selection for the Connetquot High School varsity baseball team that finished this past season in the semifinals of the Suffolk County Championship Tournament. He will be playing baseball at Farmingdale State College this fall. The district congratulates Ciaran on this accomplishment. 

Endless Creativity at ‘Camp Invention’

Endless Creativity at ‘Camp Invention’ photo

The district once again hosted the nationally recognized “Camp Invention” program from June 25-28 at Bosti Elementary School, as more than 100 students in grades one through six took part in a program of exploration, inspiration and creativity.

Programs such as the “Optibot,” “Robotic Pet Vet,” “Mod My Mini Mansion” and “Stick To It” challenged the campers to think outside the box to solve problems and use the internet to reveal how these devices are connected and controlled.  

On June 28, parents and siblings were invited by program director Lisa Manzo to marvel at the efforts the students put into the innovative projects they had been working on during the week.

Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized, nonprofit elementary enrichment program backed by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. During the past 40 years, and in partnership with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, this program has encouraged nearly two million children, teachers, parents, college students and independent inventors across the country to explore science, technology and their own innate creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit.  

The original program was established in 1990 and has since spread to 49 states. The Camp Invention program enhances a child’s ability to learn through teamwork and subject-immersion while cultivating a new appreciation for discovery through fun-filled activities.

Caught Reading and Writing

Caught Reading and Writing photo
Caught Reading and Writing flyer
Students throughout the district continue to expand their literary horizons during summer break. Great job Logan Arnold (Grade 1 at Sycamore), Aria Burrascano (Grade 3 at Sycamore), Emerson Castaldo (Grade 5 at Bosti), CJ Connolly (Grade 2 at Slocum), Timothy Graham (Grade 2 at Idle Hour), Jasper Moran (Grade 5 at Cherokee), Alexander Reinhardt (Grade 4 at Idle Hour) and Lily Van Kalmthout (Grade 5 at Idle Hour).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to by Aug. 31.

Scholar-Artist of Merit

Scholar Artist Awards - Take A Bow slide
Congratulations to Class of 2018 senior Jordan Randazzo for being named a Scholar-Artist of Merit by the Long Island Arts Alliance! He was recently featured in Newsday for this honor.


Basketball Buddies

Basketball Buddies photo

Dozens of district students spanning grades five through twelve recently attended the annual Connetquot Coaches Association Basketball Camp, which featured skills tests, championship play and awards presentations at the end of the week-long experience.

Coach Tim Trava and his enthusiastic staff members engaged the young students in a variety of dribbling, shooting, rebounding and defensive drills. The exercises were designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn both basic and advanced skills of the popular sport, enhance their teamwork and develop an overall love of the game.

As the camp came to an end, Coach Trava congratulated the campers on their effort and enthusiasm, encouraged them to consider working on their skills, and wished them a fun and safe summer vacation.


Welcoming New Members

Welcoming New Members
The Board of Education held its annual reorganizational meeting on July 3, when two new members were welcomed to the Board. 

Trustees Eileen Panico and Mark Warshaw were sworn in for the beginning of their three-year terms, and the board elected returning members Milynn Augulis and Lee Kennedy as president and vice president, respectively.


Districtwide Achievements

Districtwide Achievements photo
Districtwide Achievements photo 2
Districtwide Achievements photo 3
Districtwide Achievements photo 4
The June 12, 2018 Board of Education meeting celebrated multiple achievements of both students and staff alike. 

To begin the night’s recognitions, the fourth-grade students who were named winners in the 2018 Walt Whitman Poetry contest were first asked to recite their beautiful poems and were then presented with tokens of appreciation from the Board of Education for their achievement. The district congratulates Kusumita Burle, Bethany Healy, Julia Schropfer and Kai Shapiro.

John Pearl Elementary School fourth-grade student Meghan Miller was honored for being named the winner of the 2018 Internet Safety Poster Contest and was recognized by the board for her artistic accomplishment. 

The students enrolled in James Longo's fifth-grade class at Duffield Elementary School were commended for capturing the first-place title in Sumdog U.S. National Math Contest, successfully outscoring 1,233 other classes from across the United States. In recognition of this incredible feat, the class, along with Mr. Longo, was recognized by the Board of Education and presented with certificates.

Connetquot High School science research teacher John Halloran was honored for earning the "Distinguished Teacher 2018" award from The Harvard Club of Long Island. In attendance to recognize Mr. Halloran for his accomplishment was Connetquot High School Class of 2017 valedictorian and current Harvard student Mit Patel, who not only nominated Mr. Halloran for this honor but also spoke words of kindness and appreciation for his former teacher. 

Additionally, multiple retirees from the district who served in roles including bus driver, teacher’s assistant and custodial worker were recognized and thanked for their many years of service. The district congratulates and wishes the best to John Boylan, George Braun, Susan Cartier, John Duff, Dorothy Enright, Stephen Humsjo, Ellyn May, Deborah Mescia, Cindy Pesce, Dawn Petrarca, Linda Punicki, Barbara Sakaris, Elizabeth Salva, Liliana Scolaro, James Staer and Carl Varone.

Caught Reading!

caught reading image
Summer is off to a great start and the district takes pride in congratulating the first group of students who were ‘caught’ reading! Keep up the great work Ashaz Moen (Grade 4 at Sycamore), Matthew Siler (Grade 4 at Cherokee), Logan Spelman (Grade 4 at John Pearl), Mason Spelman (Grade 2 at John Pearl) and Avyukt Yadav (Grade 4 at Duffield).

Don’t forget to send along your submissions to by Aug. 31.


BOE July and August 2018 Meetings Notice


Poetry Comes to Life

Poetry Comes to Life photo

As an end-of-year literacy celebration, students from Duffield Elementary School enrolled in Katie Clare’s, John Llanes’ and Karen Pitka’s fourth-grade classes recently invited special guests to attend their “Poetry Alive” celebration.

The creative students took the stage and recited both original works and pieces written by poets such as Kenn Nesbitt, Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky. Their original works explored the genres of “I Am” and “Color” poetry, along with entirely original titles and subject matter such as “Where Does Poetry Hide?”, “I Need to Find A Place” and “My Awesome Dogs.” 

Cherokee Moving Up

Cherokee Moving Up photo

Bosti Moving Up

Bosti Moving Up photo

OBMS Moving Up

OBMS Moving Up photo

RMS Moving Up

RMS Moving Up photo


CHS Graduation

CHS Graduation photo

Raising Funds with ‘Ramp Shot’

Raising Funds with ‘Ramp Shot’ photo

Students at Ronkonkoma Middle School recently took part in the school’s second annual “Ramp Shot” fundraiser in an effort to raise money to support finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

After contributing a $15 donation, students and their teammates were able to engage in fun and friendly competition in the school’s gymnasium for a few hours. Dozens of students put their skills to the test as they played the popular backyard game, which was created by Josh Bonventre and Kevin Texeira, both of Long Island. As a result of the fundraiser, the students raised $1,300 to support the cause. 

Additionally, the Ronkonkoma Middle School National Junior Honor Society hosted a highly successful car wash the week prior which raised $500 toward funding and awareness for ALS.

Celebrating Flag Day

flag day phoot

Students, staff, parents and local first responders recently gathered outside Slocum Elementary School to celebrate Flag Day on June 14. Those in attendance dressed in red, white and blue outfits, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang patriotic songs around the school’s flag pole, including performances by the school band.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the guests visited the classrooms to talk to students about their dedication to the community they serve. Physical education teacher John Zambriski helped organize the event in the hope that it would provide students with the opportunity to recognize the honorable service these professionals provide and to show their appreciation for that dedication.  

A special thanks goes out to the first responders who took the time to join with Slocum students on Flag Day — Anthony Baiocco, Robert Candela, Anthony Daniels, Anthony Fiore, Martin Gregg, Chris Germano, Jim Harrington, Jason McKevitt, Donna Monahan, Steven Slarcella and Robert A. Sowinski.

Duffield Moving Up

Duffield Moving Up photo

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