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Sycamore Avenue Elementary School



Sycamore PTA is the BEST!!!
Our PTA volunteers work very hard to enrich the school life of every Sycamore student & their families. They provide fun evening events, fundraiser's, cultural arts programs, book fairs, holiday fairs, among many other things that make our school a better place. We have a wonderful school community here at Sycamore and our PTA is a major reason for that.

The PTA also has monthly meetings. These are a great time for members to gather and discuss what is happening in our school. They are always informative and often a good time. We encourage everyone to attend and be part of it. (see dates below)

Email our president, Danielle Flores:



Do you know what your PTA does for your school & children?

The PTA has the following fundraisers:
School Supplies
Picture Days (Fall & Spring)
Spirit Wear
Box Tops & Campbells collections
Kid Stuff Books
Miss Chocolate – wrapping paper, pies, cookies, etc.
Dodge Ball

Because of our fundraisers, we are able to provide the following programs
1. The cultural arts program we pay for all of the Assemblies - this is the biggest part of our PTA
2. Open House Refreshments Valentines dance
3. pumpkin roll
4. Grade Nights
5. Just Say No
6. 5th grade graduation
7. Healthy Breakfast
8. Spring Into Health
9. Night time 5th grade circus
10. Family Bingo
11. Kindergarten Orientation – refreshments
12. Kindergarten Screening – refreshments
13. Kindergarten Play Date – refreshments
14. Thanksgiving food drive
15. Spring Bunny
16. Red & White Week
17. P.A.R.P
18. Father's Day Sale
19. Holiday Fair
20. Raise money for the nurse's fund
21. Help to improve communication between the parents & the school
22. Fall Harvest/ Spook-a-more
23. Scholarships
24. Fall Book Fair - we either donate to the library/donate to the classrooms/to the budget for the kids
25. Spring Book Fair- give back to the kids with buy one get one free
26. Staff Appreciation Day
27. Spring Book Fair- give back to the kids with buy one get one free