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Sycamore Avenue Elementary School

Important Building Procedures


Please read everything on this page. Also, at the bottom of this page are links to download important information.  Much of what is there will arrive in the summer packet during the last week in August.  You will receive a large quantity of information, so you may want to start looking at the material now.  Thank you for understanding our need for procedure.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the main office.


Forgotten Items

The Main Office is often interrupted with children wanting to call home for forgotten items. Due to the frequency of this problem, it often causes enough of a disruption to prevent the office staff to be as productive as possible. Also, if a student forgets something at home, the item is more likely to be remembered if the child must do without the item for one day. Classroom teachers, band and orchestra teachers, special area teachers and club administrators will not be permitting students to make phone calls home for forgotten items. These items may include musical instruments, homework, lunch, etc. Lunch may be charged and paid for the following day. Of course, we will use our judgment for items that maybe necessary (e.g. eye glasses, lunches with special dietary needs, musical instrument on a concert performance day). We may also make exceptions based on the age of the child.


Late Arrival & Early Dismissal

Please have students arrive to school on time at 9:05. Any student who arrives after 9:15 must stop at the Main Office for a late pass in order to be admitted to class. Any child arriving at the Main Office after 9:15 AM will be marked tardy.


Please do not sign students out of school before 3:20 PM. The teachers are teaching until that time and should not be disrupted. If you must make a doctor’s appointment during school hours, a note must be sent with your child that morning so that your child will be sent to the office at the designated time. It is important to schedule appointments after school hours when at all possible so that students do not miss valuable learning time. Our “walkers” start walking towards the cafeteria for sign out at 3:20 PM. If you decide to pick up your child during the day, please report to the office and our office staff will call your child out of the classroom to meet you for dismissal. At that time, you will be asked to sign your child out.  Any child signed-out prior to the end of the school day will be marked as an early dismissal.  REMINDER: Always bring I.D.



If a student is absent, please call the Main Office at 244-2261, option #1. You can leave a voicemail message before or after school hours. If the Nurse calls for you to pick up a sick child, please stop in the Main Office and sign the student out before heading to the Nurse’s office.


Written Notes

All notes must be written on a large sheet of paper. Post-it note sized papers and other small slips of paper can be easily lost or misplaced, which could result in confusion for you, us and your child. You can fax us notes at 244-2260.


Notes should be sent for the following reasons:

  • Returning from an absence from school
  • Change in dismissal
    • Child being picked up by a different person
    • Child will ride a different bus home


Important Student Drop-off and Pick-up Information

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Syamore community for respecting the procedures that are in place. Though signing in, wearing badges, waiting for your children, etc. can be somewhat inconvenient procedures such as these are necessary so that we may provide the safest, most efficient environment possible for your children.

v     If you drive your children to school, the designated drop-off area is along the north side of the building near the rear entrance to the cafeteria. It is necessary to join the line of cars alongside the curb adjacent to the building.

v      If you choose to use this line, it is important for you not to leave your car to walk your child into the building. This will delay the line, which causes gridlock with our buses, and it creates a backlog of cars onto Sycamore Avenue.  

v     Do not pass any cars along this line as this will create an unsafe situation for the pedestrians coming from the parking lot.

v   Autos moving along the roadway circling the parking lot should only move in a single counterclockwise direction. Therefore, please refrain from turning around to exit just past the bus driveway. 

v     Of course, you are more than welcome to walk your child into the building. If you choose to do so, then it is necessary for you to park your car in the parking lot and walk your child in.

v     Children not in an early music program are not permitted to be dropped-off earlier than 8:55am. If your child is participating in an early music program, they must be dropped-off no earlier than 8:20am.

v     If a student is dropped off after 9:15, he/she is considered late and will need to be escorted into    

      the building by a parent/guardian.