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Idle Hour Elementary School

Principal's Message



Idle Hour Mission Statement

Idle Hour strives to create a safe, secure and supportive family environment, based on mutual respect, whose goal is to motivate our children to discover their inner potential and flourish as members of our democratic society.


Dear Parents, Guardians and Website Visitors,

Welcome to a new and exciting year at Idle Hour Elementary School.  I am so proud to have the privilege to be the principal at Idle Hour Elementary School.  Idle Hour has approximately 241 students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  We are a caring community comprised of dedicated teachers, parents and students. Our goal is to provide our students with a positive and nurturing learning environment to promote academic success. The dedicated staff of Idle Hour Elementary School works tirelessly to provide students with activities that will enable them to reach their individual potential, both academically and socially.

The theme this year is "Together, We Make Our School a Success." In the spirit of working together, I cordially invite you to join us to create a challenging learning environment for your child for the 2016 - 2017 school year. All of us at the Idle Hour School strongly believe that the education of children is a partnership between home and school. It is a partnership that involves a tremendous effort in time, cooperation and determination. The following story reflects that sentiment:


"The great redwoods of California are one of the beautiful natural wonders of North America. These giant evergreens can grow to a towering three hundred feet tall and live for hundreds of years. For all their magnificence, one would think the redwoods would require a deep root system to keep them upright. Instead, they have roots that spread out along the surface of the forest floor to capture all the moisture possible, intertwining with the roots of other redwoods in the grove. The interlocking roots securely support and sustain these giant sequoias when storms strike and fierce winds blow. The trees' survival depends on the combined support of one another."

When we stand together... support one another... encourage one another... we become strong together, and like the giant redwoods, we keep growing taller.

One important factor of our students' success is largely due to the excellent home school partnership at Idle Hour.  The parents in our community are very active in their children's education and continually support the school's initiatives.  We encourage you to join committees, attend PTA and SEPTA meetings, volunteer for classroom activities and maintain frequent communication with your child's teachers. Together, we can provide our children with rewarding and successful educational experiences.

On behalf of the staff of Idle Hour Elementary School, I welcome you and look forward to our working together as we meet new and exciting challenges. Please feel free to contact us anytime at 244-2306.

Mrs. Sandra Rubin