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Idle Hour Elementary School

Dignity for All Students Act




Dignity for All Students Act

Idle Hour supports the District's commitment to provide a safe and constructive learning environment that honors the dignity and worth of every individual.

It is the responsibility of the Connetquot Central school District to address bullying and harassment issues that occur.  District staff members are to create an orderly environment within the Connetquot central School district through training, monitoring and intervening when bullying and harassment occur.



  Mrs. Sandra Rubin 

Mrs. Lara McNally

Committee Members

Maria Steblai

Kelly Daugherty

Renee Healy

Laura Getman  

Diane Oliveto

Kathy Bankoff   

Louise Heuschneider

Cathleen Reilly


The above committee meets at least once a month to discuss ideas to further promote Dignity at the Idle Hour Elementary School.

The committee will meet on the following dates:

November 2

December 7

January 11

February 1

March 7

April 4

May 2

June TBA