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Helen B. Duffield Elementary School



The Youth & Family Services Coordinator provides various services to students and their families in the Duffield community. We provide crisis intervention, short term individual and group counseling, parent consultation, information and referral to community based service agencies as well as a variety of prevention programs tailored to meet the special needs of their building. We work closely with teachers and administration to help support the needs of each student.  The YFS Coordinator presents the state mandated K-5 integrated health curriculum which includes the HealthSmart program.

Elementary school counselors set the tone for developing the skill, knowledge and attitudes necessary for our children to become healthy, productive adults. Counselors work as a team with school, parents and community to create a caring atmosphere whereby children’s needs are met through prevention, early identification and intervention.

Duffield’s YFS is Mrs. Joanne Pisani, M.S. L.M.H.C. She is a certified School Counselor and a licensed Mental Health Counselor. She may be reached during school hours 8:35-3:35pm. If you have any further questions regarding any of the programs your child will participate in, you may contact the YFS Coordinator at Duffield at 467-6010 ext. 6.


Below is a list of groups she facilitates:



The Bee Buddies Program is designed to assist new students who come to the Duffield Elementary School during the year. Teachers are asked to select one boy and one girl from their class who can handle responsibility well, complete work and make positive choices.  The bee buddy is responsible for giving the new student a “bee” welcome bag, assist with routines and procedures, introduce student to others in his/her
class and be a buddy for the first few days.


Those children whose parents have separated/divorced share a common concern, meet together with the counselor to receive support through talking, learning and sharing. Participation in these groups is voluntary. Confidentiality of personal information is respected. Groups meet weekly during the students lunch/recess.


The focus of this group is to learn how to use appropriate social skills, build self-esteem and how to develop healthy relationships. Sessions will consist of discussion, stories and activities that encourage individual expression of feelings and teach positive coping skills. Confidentiality of personal information is respected. Groups are formed each year based on referrals and meet weekly during the students lunch/recess.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the programs your child will participate in, you may contact me Mrs. Joanne Pisani, M.S. L.M.H.C., YFS Coordinator at Duffield at 467-6010 ext. 6





Character Education Slide Show


Please click on the following link for STRANGER SAFETY AWARENESS:



This is an important national week that encourages all children to think about special ways they can practice kindness towards others.

Students and their parents will be asked to participate in scheduled activities for the week. We believe positive citizenship develops through respect and responsibility. The week of activities incorporate our beliefs and mission statement in a way our students can embrace.


To further educate our students about the danger of drugs/alcohol/tobacco use Duffield will participate in the district-wide event United We Stand for a Drug-Free Community Week.  During the last week in October our students and staff renew their commitment to a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.  Our students at Duffield show their dedication to education and prevention efforts through their participation in activities chosen during the week.