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Connetquot High School



Kenneth J. Costa Jr., Principal
631-244-2228 ext. 1010

Principal's Message

The success of each Connetquot High School student is our number one priority.  In today's challenging environment, success requires the commitment of not just our students, but of the entire community of stakeholders in our high school.  It is only through the hard work and dedication of our students, professional educators, parents, and all members of our community that we can ensure each student is given the best opportunity to succeed.

Our strength as a community is built through continual free flowing communication and feedback among all of our constituencies. Towards that end I encourage students, parents, teachers, and all members of our community to share with me, and all of the educational leaders in our school, comments, concerns, ideas, and observations from which we can learn and grow as an institution.

We are proud of what we have accomplished at Connetquot High School and we are invigorated by the goals we have set for ourselves in the current and upcoming academic years.  As we strive to achieve, and exceed, these goals we will continue to update all members of our community of our progress.  More importantly, we will continue to look to our community for the support necessary to help us succeed in all we endeavor to achieve.


Michelle D. Laux, 10th Grade Assistant Principal
631-244-2228 ext.1083


Mark D. Sidman, 11th Grade Assistant Principal
631-244-2228 ext.1046


Michael A. Moran, 12th Grade Assistant Principal
631-244-2228 ext.1105

Michael J. Hansen, Dean of Students - 9th Grade Advisor
631-244-2228 ext.1080