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SuperSuperintendent's Message

July 2017

To the Class of 2017:

You have planned, dreamed, worked hard, played hard, and are about to embark on your future. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Commencement is the beginning of your adult journey towards your future and towards your dreams.  Do not let anything get in your way.  If it’s hard, work harder.  If it’s boring, make it interesting.  If people don’t believe you can do it, prove them wrong.  Only you can stand in the way of your dreams.  You are so very lucky - your future is completely open for you to choose your own path.  While your time as a Connetquot T-bird has rooted you and given you the skills you need to succeed, now is your chance to spread your wings and make your dreams happen.   Believe in the beauty of your dreams.  We believe in you.  Good luck in your future.



Lynda G. Adams, Ed.D.