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Project Scope of Work

Helen B. Duffield Elementary School


  • Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile Abatement
    Replace all remaining asbestos floor tile and vinyl cove base. Bulk scrape all existing mastic. Furnish and install new vinyl composite tile, 6" rubber cove base. Proper floor prep prior to installing new flooring shall also be required. Work shall be completed in strict accordance with NYSDOL ICR 56. Additionally replace the flooring on the existing ramp at hallway adjacent to the gymnasium.

  • Playground Replacement
    Installation of a new grade appropriate play ground structure for the building. Work shall include, excavation, drainage, play structure and ADA compliant safety surface. Provide ADA walkway to new structure.

  • HVAC reconstruction
    Replacement and upgrade of misc. pneumatic controlled H&V equipment to DDC controlled. Convectors, fan coil units, convectors, mixing valves etc.

  • Replace Existing underground Electric Service
    Replace existing incoming Primary lines from street to existing pad mounted transformer. 
    Convert existing library into a multi functional media center intended to expand students creativity where they can gain access to information and resources. The term used Is a "shared learning space". This will involve new furniture including flexible seating options, and shelving, ceiling and lighting replacement, replacement of existing flooring, the introduction of new A/C, electrical, demolition, technology a new circulation desk, finishes and carpentry.

  • Refurbishment of Library to create Media Center
    Construct an addition to the west of the existing library and reclaim the existing small office spaces. This will allow for the creation of a new computer lab that can not be located directly adjacent to the existing library. Currently Duffield is the only school where the computer lab is separate from the library. Convert existing computer lab to teaching space. 

  • Sidewalk and curb replacement & ADA sidewalks
    The existing curbing and concrete sidewalks along the bus loop are in need of replacement. The sidewalks have settled over the years leaving tripping hazards along the entire bus loop.

  • HVAC Reconstruction 
    Replace existing  supply and return lines within boiler room. There are 3 rooms that have been split into smaller teaching spaces. These rooms are 132, 136 and 137. The split portion of the rooms were left with no form of mechanical fresh air ventilation. We recommend new HVAC units be installed in these spaces to provide necessary ventilation.