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Project Scope of Work



  • Arthur Premm Learning Center
    1200 Montauk Highway
    Oakdale, N.Y. 11769

    Ceiling and Lighting 
    Replace existing ceiling and lighting in sections of existing building which were originally bid as an alternate as part of the 2014 capital projects. 

    Administration Building
    780 Ocean Avenue
    Bohemia, N.Y. 11716

    Roof and Masonry
    1 section of the existing building is currently under warrantee with an EPDM single ply roof system. The remaining areas of the roof are no longer under any sort of warrantee and the existing roofs are spray foam roofs. we are recommending the installation of a new roofing system to carry a 30 year full systems roof warrantee. Additionally there are multiple areas of exterior masonry that are in desperate need of reconstruction and water proofing. This work should all be completed at the same time.

    Transportation Building
    780 Ocean Avenue
    Bohemia, N.Y. 11716

    Maintenance Building
    Currently also stores equipment, supplies and gasoline below the high school in the basement storage area. All of these gas powered equipment should be stored in a separate outside storage facility which is designed for housing such material. Additionally space will be used to house additionally district storage that is currently taking up space within each building. New building will have proper ventilation and fire separation. The final location has not yet been determined. Building size has been reduced to a 4 bay garage with electrical, minimal heat and a hand wash sink only.

    Sand/Salt Shed
    Currently the district stores its sand and salt in the basement of the HS. The amount of material that can be stored at any one time is very limited based on the available space in the basement. We are recommending removing the sand/salt from the basement and constructing a new sand/salt storage building at the grounds of transportation building. Building shall house 80-100 yards of sand/salt.