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Veterans Day Musical Celebration

Reinforcing Character Traits

This past October, students of all grade levels from Idle Hour Elementary School were treated to a fun and informative assembly, “Inspector Iwannano,” to reinforce character traits. Through magic and student participation, students were informed that their actions can reflect on others in a positive or negative fashion, and that they should do their best to display positivity at all times. The assembly took the students through an interactive mystery, and to solve the mystery they worked together to uncover character clues such as respect, caring, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness and good citizenship. 

Mathematical Superstars

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On Nov. 1, dozens of students and their families from the Idle Hour Elementary School community gathered in the school’s “cafetorium” to celebrate “Math Night,” an evening filled with mathematical fun and learning. 

Spearheaded by Connetquot Central School District Director of Mathematics Louise Burger and the Idle Hour Parent-Teacher Association, students were able to engage in a series of 10 activity stations all aimed at enhancing their mathematical skillsets. The students and their parents were each given a “Math Night Passport,” which granted them access to explore all of the activity stations in any particular order. Upon successful completion of an activity station, students’ passports were marked off by the station’s facilitator, thus signifying that they mastered the game at hand. 

 Both students and their chaperones were then encouraged to visit the Mathnasium rewards table in order to trade in their passports for goody bags and various giveaways for the attending family members. 

Math Nights are STEM-oriented educational events hosted in an effort to further explore STEM education and careers for students, and expose them to fun and innovative ways of learning mathematics. 

The district would like to thank Mathnasium of Sayville for their assistance in coordinating the night’s events, along with the student-volunteers from Connetquot High School. 

Assisting Athletes

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Student-representatives from Idle Hour Elementary School’s Student Government recently volunteered at the Suffolk County Marathon, as they courteously handed out water to the runners as they ran by. Fifth grade students Katie Porcelli and Flynn Lavery, along with their parents, braved the rain and wind while motivating the runners to keep going along the marathon route. Student Government advisers Lori Gehrke and Lara McNally, as well as Idle Hour Elementary School Principal Sandra Rubin, were on hand to support the runners, who included Idle Hour’s own office assistant, Gina Vaccaro. 

Becoming One with Nature

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Students of all grade levels from Idle Hour Elementary School recently enhanced their knowledge of the world’s rainforests and its inhabitants during a visit from Barb Whittamore of the Wildlife Encounters, a Wildlife Education Program in Nebraska. During Ms. Whittamore’s visit, she shed light onto the multiple layers of the South American rainforests which include the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layers. Student-volunteers were given the opportunity to interact with creatures such as “Jedi” the Blue-Tongued Skink, “Axel” the Red-Footed Tortoise and “Zeus” the Argentine Black and White Tegu.