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World Languages/ENL

Director, ENL/World Languages - Denise Hannaoui


The Connetquot Central School District follows the New York State World Language Standards in order to provide our students with outstanding instruction in world language courses.  In an increasingly global world, our teachers and school administrators cooperate in preparing our students to be competitive global citizens.

The Connetquot Central School District World Language program offers courses in three languages: Spanish, French and Italian starting in the seventh (7th) grade.  Students take the FLACS Checkpoint A Proficiency Examination at the end of the eighth grade.  Students enrolled at Connetquot High School take the FLACS Checkpoint B Proficiency Examination at the end of level IV H or V instruction.  Students have the opportunity to earn college credits through St. John's University College Advantage Program (Spanish, French and Italian) or the Syracuse university Project Advance program (Spanish only).  Students whom accelerate in World Language courses also have the opportunity to become members of the Foreign Language Honor Society.  This requires students to maintain a 90% or better for eight consecutive quarters , an overall average of 85% or better and have no failures.

The Connetquot Central School District English as a New Language (ENL) program follows the New York State ENL Standards in order to provide our English language learners with outstanding instruction in the English language.  ENL students are given an opportunity to have small group English instruction with a certified ESL instructor and, as they progress, they are placed into an integrated co-taught English class with an English teacher and ENL Teacher.  Students are screened upon registration into the district and are given ENL instruction until they exit the program by achieving a grade of Commanding on the NYSESLAT examination in the spring.



Connetquot High School Foreign Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony

A Taste of Spanish Culture 

Seventh-grade students in Mia Lagravinese's first-period Spanish class at Ronkonkoma Middle School recently visited Maria's of Nesconset to apply classroom lessons to real-life scenarios and enjoy a delicious meal along the way. Throughout the course of their visit, the students experienced authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine and practiced their Spanish language skills. 

Middle School Foreign Language Week and High School International Week

Fostering Kindness, Compassion and Understanding


Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School recently held “Brave Day” for the seventh-grade student body, thanks to the joint efforts of OBMS staff members Diana Burke, Meghan Cunningham, Alison Hudson, Shannon Lang and Mairead McInnes. The day was designed to facilitate understanding, appreciation and greater tolerance among students by having them hold in-depth conversations and participate in ice-breaking activities in small groups.

Brave Day is an extension of OBMS’s All In bully-proofing program. All students are inducted into this program in the sixth grade by taking a three-day course on bullying prevention and formulating a plan of action. At the induction ceremony, the sixth-graders take a pledge to stand up to and speak out against bullying, and to be positive change-makers.

The All In program also provides students with opportunities to act as responsible citizens by serving on different teams. Team All In members teach, Team Wisdom members write and recite the words of wisdom given during morning announcements, Team Brave helps to create a safe school environment, and the All In Nation team provides school news to fellow peers.

To enhance the overall message of self-determination and being kind to one another, Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School recently invited American Paralympian, wrestler and motivational speak Rohan Murphy to speak to students. After losing both legs at an early age, Murphy took his disability and turned it into something positive by achieving a successful athletic career and proving that there are no reasons to quit when it comes to setting your mind toward a specific goal.


Learning Traditions, Understanding Cultures

Students in Lauren Farrell’s English as a New Language class at Slocum Elementary School learned about the cultures and celebrations surrounding Halloween through a variety of activities that strengthened their speaking, reading and writing skills. Among the activities, they drew decorative ghosts and wrote brief descriptions to describe their unique illustrations.

New Language Class 1

New Language Class 2