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Physical Education



Welcome to the Physical Education/Health WebSite

Peter Melore  - Athletic Director
Debbie Dziedzic & Lenore Knudsen


Athletic Department

Please feel free to call us at anytime with any questions or concerns. 
We can be reached at 631-244-2228
Debbie - ext. 1060
Lenore ext. 1061


Physical Education & Health Staff

Dave Alvarado CHS
Anthony Ambrosini OBMS/CHS
Alaina Bennett CHS
Diana Burke OBMS
Amy Cohen Cherokee
Christopher D'Andria RMS
Matt Frenz CHS
Charlie Hafner Cherokee
Rachel Henning Duffield
Brianne Hertz RMS
Justin Hertz RMS
Shannon Lang RMS
Rob Lehnert CHS
Cheryl Lowery Idle Hour
Katherine Marasia CHS
Anthony Melfi OBMS
Louis Melfi Multiple Schools
Michael Melfi Duffield
Greg Murphy OBMS
Joe Nelson Cherokee
Mike Oldis Bosti
Jess Perry CHS
Sal Piscitelli CHS
Bill Procaccini Sycamore
Paul Rondinella Sycamore
Leslie Sewell CHS
Samantha Soldt OBMS
Nick Sturtz Pearl
Jeff Tacke CHS
Kelly Unterweiser CHS
Chris Walsh Slocum
Tara West Bosti

John Zambriski Slocum