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Agenda (Student)


Athletic Supplies Equipment

Athletic Uniforms

Audio Visual Equipment and Installation

Cafeteria Equipment and Refrigeration: Maintenance and Service Repair


Cisco Hardware


Control Bleeding Kits



Custodial Paper Products




Elevator: Inspection and Service Repair



Engineering Services Infrastructure/Telephone Systems




Folding Partitions & Curtain Divider 2018/2019


Food Service Management Company 2018/2019

Field Maintenance Supplies


General Construction – WA 1357 D22E2/F2/G2/H2/J2


Gym Equipment, Backstop & Bleacher Repairs




Hazardous Materials Abatement


HVAC Maintenance & Repairs

Irrigation Maintenance & Installation


Motorola Radio

Motorola Radio and Licenses

Masonry & Chimney Repairs and Minor Installation


Plumbing Services


Pool: Diving Board, Starting Block, Pace Clock, Rescue Tube


Refuse – Recycle and Non-Recycle

Sanitary & Drainage Services


School Bus Cameras and GPS Systems


(CANCELLED) Seal Coating and Repair 2018-2019


SMARTBoards – Removal/Installation/Adjustments



Summer Transportation


Transmission Repair




Transportation (Out of District)


Vehicle Body Repair and Painting


Vehicle Repair: Radiator Heater Gas Tank


Workers Comp 3rd Party Administrator