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John Pearl Elementary Library

Website Evaluation


Use the chart to help you decide if a website is good for you to use.


Who is responsible for the site?


Is the author/organization an expert on the topic?                             Yes                   No/ I Don’t Know


What information can be found on this site?


Does the information help answer my research questions?              Yes                                    No



Where did the author get his information?


Are there resources listed?                                                                       Yes                                    No


Do the links work?                                                                                     Yes                                    No


When was the site last updated?


Was the information on the site recently updated?                             Yes                            No/I Don’t Know


Why is this a good site to use?


Can I read and understand the writing?                                                 Yes                                    No


Is it easy to find what I need on the site?                                               Yes                                    No

(Tabs, Table of Contents, etc.)