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The Connetquot CSD Technology Team provides the district with support and expertise in all avenues of information and instructional technology. We aim to deliver fast and efficient problem resolution of all difficulties ranging from minor printing problems, to complex network and server issues.

Besides providing quality support, another main focus is to design and integrate cutting edge technologies into the district, and adapt them for use in the classroom environment. In addition, we ensure that all current technologies are properly functioning, and are able to serve as learning tools for the students, as an instruction method for the teachers and as an efficient business tool for all other staff.

With the support from the district and community, we are creating a hi-tech learning environment for our students, and preparing them for the modern trends in our global society.


District Communications – Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Our Messages

Earlier this year, the District announced that it will be sending important updates and text messages using the communication platform Remind. To date, we continue to work with families to ensure that their contact information (email and cell phone number) is current in our system so that all messages are received. If you have not yet received a District message via Remind notifications, please check the personal settings in your Remind account to confirm that you are accepting push notifications. To find out whether your personal Remind settings are preventing our messages from reaching you, please review the helpful tips here:

It is important to note that if someone has turned off their notifications, the District is unable to turn them back on - that must be done by the individual account holder.

If your notifications settings are correct and you still have a concern, please reach out to Virtual Tech Support at


Data Privacy Concerns

Any stakeholder with a concern or question regarding data privacy is encouraged to contact the district. Please use the email address and be sure to include your name/contact information for district personnel to follow up accordingly.

In the event of a data breach that affects the entire community, the District will notify the community via email and also through our Remind notification system. In the event of small data breach that only affects a small group of community members, the District will notify affected users via individual email.


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Current News

Goosechase Digital Scavenger Hunt

Cherokee Street Elementary School third grade students participated in a digital scavenger hunt, called a Goosechase, to strengthen their technology skills using the iPad and Goosechase application. 

Sponsored by the Connetquot Central School District’s technology team, students were instructed to access and complete missions through the
Goosechase application, including finishing lyrics with Principal Jill Lahey, participating in a play on word puzzles with Assistant Principal Thomas Sheehan, working with winter idioms with teachers Cindy Campenella and Tara Dunkin and a snowball toss with Danielle Giove. The scavenger hunt activity ended with the students finding Santa and his helper with teachers Kevin Keane and Christine Chanowsky. Each of the missions was completed by submitting text-based, photo or video-based responses through the iPad application. 

Not only did the students have fun completing missions, they honed their technology skills in using a new application and through use of the iPad. 

Students gathered around santa

Students participating in a scavenger hunt

Students particpating in scavengar hunt

Students particpating in scavengar hunt

Date Added: 1/19/2023

Video: Let It Code

Click here to view the video

Students holding robots and smiling

Date Added: 1/18/2023

3D Printers Installed Into Connetquot Libraries

The district is proud to announce that each of its school libraries are now equipped with 3D printers.

Network and systems technician TJ DeBole has installed all the new Prusa 3D printers and is assisting the library media specialists with the operation and continued support of the new technology. Mr. DeBole is also able to repair the printers, should they break, by using parts that he can create on one of the 3D printers.

Director of Digital Learning, Innovation, and Instructional Technology Alise Pulliam said Mr. DeBole played an integral part in assisting the library media specialists with making learning come to life for students. “We can’t wait to see all the creative, innovative things created by Connetquot students thanks to Mr. DeBole’s knowledge of 3D printers, attention to detail, and effective communication. He made this project come to life,” stated Ms. Pulliam. 

People standing by a 3d printer

Date Added: 12/5/2022

Digital Citizenship Week


Date Added:10/21/2022

Connetquot Tech Birds are Password Pioneers

Connetquot elementary students learned to protect their passwords during a technology safety workshop with Alise Pulliam, Director of Digital Learning, Innovation and Instructional Technology and Technology Integration Specialist Victoria Pappas. The workshop was held at Helen B. Duffield Elementary School with a goal of instructing students as they move through elementary school, to acquire various technology achievements. After completing the password safety workshop, students became Password Pioneers and received a sticker to mark their achievement.

“When you leave the house you lock the door, so your password is like a key to your house,” Ms. Pulliam told students.

Using their Chromebooks, students logged onto the Nearpod application to collectively follow along with the presentation and to share their answers to scenarios about password safety. They learned that passwords should be shared only with parents and a teacher and that not protecting a password can have negative consequences.

Principal Lisa Farrell also joined in on the workshop and had important advice. She said, “Protect your password like it’s your money in your piggy bank.”

Students smiling

Students on their laptops

 Students on their laptops

Date Added: 10/5/2022

IT Team Adds Special Touch to Chromebook Collection

At the end of each school year, the Connetquot Central School District’s IT team collects Chromebooks from each senior prior to their graduation. This year’s Chromebook recollection process for seniors included an extra special touch created by network and systems technician Nicki Clinch. 

Nicki used the department Cricut machine to design and create congratulatory stickers for each senior. As the seniors returned their Chromebook, they received a homemade take away from the IT department.

Mrs. Alise Pulliam, director of digital learning, innovation, and instructional technology, along with the entire Connetquot IT department, wish the Class of 2022 good luck. “We can’t wait to see what more creative benefits Ms. Clinch brings to our student body through the use of the Cricut machine,” Pulliam said. “Once a ‘Tech-Bird,’ always a ‘Tech-Bird!’"

Niki Clinch

Date Added: 6/14/2022

IT Department’s Live-Stream Connects the Community

The district’s IT department proudly live-streamed all of the district’s spring concerts for the music department during the month of May. Santo Moscova is the Connetquot IT Live-Streaming Ambassador and coordinates all live-streaming events with Director of Digital Learning, Innovation, and Instructional Technology Alise Pulliam.

Santo has perfected his live-streaming skills and continues to grow in exploring new and innovative ways to present district events to at-home viewers via live-stream.

“I’m proud of the Connetquot IT Department for seeing the value in providing live, real-time access to district events to the community and beyond,” Ms. Pulliam said. “For the first time, grandparents in Minnesota, sisters in California and family and friends all over the country are able to share in the joy of a concert, a moving-up ceremony or even the Circus. I’m certain that the team will continue to lead and pioneer in the area of live-streaming.”

Please keep an eye out as the team moves into June live-streaming all of the moving-up ceremonies districtwide.

Santo Moscova

Date Added: 6/9/2022

Connetquot IT Department Gives Middle School Students Glimpse Into Technology Fields

The District’s Instructional Technology Department gave eighth grade students a glimpse into the various fields of technology during the Oakdale-Bohemia and Ronkonkoma middle schools’ Career Day, held on April 29. Twenty-eight different career fields were represented at the career day events, but the IT department was the only internal group to volunteer their expertise.

Director of Digital Learning, Innovation, and Instructional Technology Alise Pulliam, Network and Systems Specialist II Victor Zambrana and Network and Systems Technicians Nicole Clinch, TJ DeBole, Santo Moscova and Victor Montes spoke to students about the different career paths in instructional technology, educational pathways to IT and formal and informal training opportunities. Not only did the students have interesting conversations with IT members about the technology field, but they watched demonstrations of coding robots and drone light shows on the SmartBoard.

“I am very proud of the IT team for being a part of the school community and finding new ways every day to connect with the staff and the students,” Ms. Pulliam said. “We are happy to continue to give back to the community by making the IT world understandable with our personalized touch.”

IT department members at booth

IT department members

IT department member giving presentation

Date Added: 5/26/2022