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Science,Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Mathematics

Stephanie Burns - Director of Science, FACS and Technology
Phone: 631-244-2228 X1058

Louise Burger - Director of Mathematics
Phone: 631-244-2228 X1090


STEMCourse Offerings
Courses in Science are offered at all levels including Regents, Honors and Advanced Placement in Earth Science, Living Environment (Biology), Chemistry and Physics.  We also offer a wide variety of elective courses to appeal to our students many interests.  Our elective offerings include:  Astronomy, Forensic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Natural Hazards, Ecology of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Clinical Orthopedics, College Medical Anatomy and Physiology and Sports Science.  A complete description of these courses can be found in the High School course catalog on the Connetquot High School page under the Guidance tab.

At the Middle School level our sixth grade science course introduces students to selected topics in Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science. Students in seventh grade study life science and students in eighth grade study physical science. Accelerated students begin with a seventh grade course that combines life and physical science and in eighth grade study Regents Earth Science. Students may also take MST in eighth grade which is a project based course with an environmental theme.

Courses in Technology Engineering Education are offered at the introductory and advanced levels.  Students can explore such courses as Automotive, Computer Aided Design, Electronics, Engineering, Construction Systems, Robotics and Transportation.  Students in our CAD classes will use the most up to date AutoCad program.  Students in Principles of Engineering, Design and Drawing for Production, 3-D Design and Printing and CAD will have an opportunity to turn their designs into three dimensional objects with our 3-D Printer.  A complete description of these courses can be found in the High School course catalog on the Connetquot High School page under the Guidance tab.

Technology courses are offered to both seventh and eighth grade students.  These project based courses introduce students to a wide variety of skills.

Our Family and Consumer Science Department offers courses in cooking, child development and home decorating.  Students have the opportunity to learn skills they will use throughout their lives.  We offer students the opportunity to earn credit from St. John's University by taking College Child Development.

Our Mathematics Department offers courses at all levels including Regents, Accelerated, Honors, and Advanced Placement. Information on all course offerings can be found under the guidance tab.  In addition, information on the Common Core Mathematics can be found at

This video discusses myths surrounding the Common Core.