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Secondary STEM

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  • Science Safety Agreement

  • FACS Safety Agreement

  • Technology Safety Agreement

  • SCALE Program
    This PowerPoint presentation details the procedures for registering for the SCALE Program. This is for students registered for Medical Anatomy in 2013-14 to earn college credit through Long Island University.

  • New York State Education Department
    This link provides information on all science core curricula.
    This is the site to log into IXL Mathematics
  • Mathematics Parent Support
    Eureka Math provides support for parents with Common Core math from the EngageNY modules.
  • Sixth Grade Science Texts
    Pearson SuccessNet gives students and parents access to all of the sixth grade science textbooks. Students will need their user name and password.
  • Seventh Grade Life Science Textbooks
    This link provides students and parents with online access to the seventh grade life science textbook, including an audio version of the book. Students need a user name and password that they can obtain from their classroom teacher.
  • Eureka Science
    This site focuses on DNA, RNA, cells, proteins and cloning.
  • American Chemical Society
    This site features resources for chemistry teachers and students from the American Chemical Society.
  • Becoming Human
    This site features resources on evolution.
  • Chemical Elements
    This site features an interactive periodic table of the elements.
  • US Geological Survey
    Earthquake information from the US Geological Survey.
  • The Electronic Volcano
    This site features pictures, maps, and reports on current volcano activity from Dartmouth College.
  • Minerals and Gemstones
    This site features information on minerals and gemstones.
  • Volcano World
    This site features information on volcanos from Oregon State University.
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Web MD
  • Franklin Institute
  • How Stuff Works
    This site is the "Science Channel Home Page", it provides details of how many of today's "things" function as they do.
  • Mad Science
    Students may submit questions to graduate students and area specialists, which are then passed along to at least two scientists. Features include searchable archives and a most commonly asked question/FAQ section.
  • Museum of Science in Boston
  • New Scientist
    The Last Word Science Questions and Answers - an online version of the British publication New Scientist that provides "questions and answers to everyday scientific phenomena".
  • Scientific American: Ask the Experts
    Submit questions to the experts at Scientific American. Includes an archive of previous questions and answers arranged by broad discipline.
  • The Why Files
    Features current events in science.
  • Internet History of Science Sourcebook
  • Sky & Telescope
    Reports on space and astronomy from Sky and Telescope magazine.
  • Today@NASA
    Daily news from NASA.
  • Mars Pathfinder Mirror Sites
  • Project Galileo
    This site features information on the planet Jupiter.
  • Saturn
    This site features information on the Cassini project, a voyage to Saturn.
  • Kennedy Space Center
    This site features information on the space shuttle.
  • The Nine Planets
    This site features a multimedia tour of the solar system.
  • The SETI Institute
    This site features information of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
  • Stars and Constellations
  • Weather
  • National Hurricane Center
  • National Weather Service
  • The Weather Channel
  • Weather Online
  • Science News for Kids
    Puzzles, games, and science fair ideas are just a few of the resources in this science-dedicated site for children and their families.
  • Exploratorium
    From developing “accidental scientists” in the kitchen to exploring human perception, this site is chock-full of some of the most fun science activities ever assembled.
  • National Geographic Kids
    Find interactive games galore on geography, astronomy, and zoology.
  • Centre of the Cell Presentation
    Remember that old game Operation? Kids can play a virtual version online at this site, while learning how different systems of the body work. This fun site, from London’s Centre of the Cell, will keep school kids (and their parents) entertained and informed. Looking for a great collection of activities to do at home? Get your hands on either of these: The Kids’ Science Book: Creative Experiences for Hands-On Fun or The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments.
  • PBS Kids Zoom
    This great resource for families offers dozens of safe, educational home experiments using materials easily found around the house. It’s divided into categories, including water, structures, the five senses, patterns, life sciences, forces and energy, engineering, and chemistry.
  • Questacon
    Check out the cool resources available at this site from the land down under, the National Science and Technology Centre in Australia.
  • Night Sky
    Astronomy lessons and labs for all grade levels.
  • Common Core Math Video
    This video expresses facts and myths about the Common Core State Math Standards.
  • FIRST Robotics
    This link provides information about the FIRST Robotics program, which is a program that allows high school students to build and program a robot to complete a challenge.
  • FIRST Lego League
    This website details the FIRST Lego League program which is a program for middle school students that allows them to build and program a Lego robot.
  • Farmingdale State College
    Many of our business courses are eligible for credit through Farmingdale State College. Use this link to find out more about Farmingdale.
  • Virtual Enterprise
    Our high school offers the Virtual Enterprise program which allows students to experience the setup and running of a business. This link provides more information about Virtual Enterprise.
  • West Point Bridge Builder
    Middle School students use West Point Bridge Builder to design bridges that they construct and test for their ability to hold a load.
  • Long Island FACS Professionals
    This web site details information for and about Long Island Family and Consumer Science educators.
  • New York State Family and Consumer Science Educators
    This web site highlights Family and Consumer Science Education throughout New York State.