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Making A Bibliography (MLA Style)


Online Citation Makers

You can use a site like  or Noodletools to make the bibliography entries for you if you put in the resource’s information.  You can cut and paste it into your document.  The full version of Noodle tools is available through the Virtual Reference Collection.  You will need to create a personal username and password.
World Book Online ,on the Virtual Reference Collection, also has an online citation maker on its front page.


Author’s Name (Last name first).  Title.  City of Publication: Publisher, Year.
Simon, Seymour.  Lightning.  NY: Morrow Junior Books, 1992.


Author’s Name (Last name first – if you can find it).  “Article Title.”  Date accessed.  Web Site Address.
Cohen, Jonathan.  “Wedren, O’Rourke, ‘Rock’ with Jack Black.”  August 26, 2003.

Virtual Reference Collection

An article you use from Virtual Reference Collection will almost always have a link to what the citation should look like.  You can then cut and paste it into your bibliography.