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Edith L. Slocum Elementary School



Bus transportation is provided for all students in  Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

In grades 4 and 5 students must live more than a 1/2 mile from school to qualify for bus transportation.

Any questions should be directed to the Transportation Office  at 244-2201.

All students arrive and depart through the Sycamore Avenue entrance.

Buses unload in front of the school at 9:05 AM.  Buses will depart from  the school at 3:35 PM.

Walkers should use sidewalks, walker entrances and designated walkways.

Bikers should lock bikes in front rack.

NOTE:  If your child does not get off the bus at your stop, please stay at home and call the school.  Should your child get on the wrong bus or miss his/her stop, the driver will either return the child to the school or take the child home depending on time and location.  Although such an occurrence is rare, your cooperation is essential.