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Superintendent's Message

Photo of Lynda G. Adams, Superintendent

Dear Connetquot Educational Community,

The Connetquot Central School District has a long tradition of supporting excellence both in the classroom and beyond and we look forward to building upon that history of success this year.

While I am confident this year will bring a renewed sense of excitement in our schools, I want to also ensure our families that our security efforts remain in the forefront of our minds. All administrative staff have been trained in Incident Command Systems through FEMA; members of our security team and myself have received training from the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office and the SCPD’s homeland security division, which has been incorporated into the training that all members of our educational staff will receive within the first few days of school. In addition, we ask that you please help us keep our entire community safe:


  • Locked doors save lives. All doors of our classrooms and outside entrances should be closed and locked at all times. Please never leave a door “ajar”, even for a moment.
  • We always encourage individuals that if you see something, say something. We cannot investigate what we don’t know, and nothing is too small to investigate to keep us all safe. Security is manned 24/7 at 631-244-2243.
  • Do not ever pass a stopped school bus - not from either direction. Not only might you endanger one of our children crossing the road to get to or from that school bus; all of our busses are equipped with SCPD stop arm cameras and you will be ticketed.


I thank you in advance for partnering with us to keep us all safe.

One of the things that makes our school district a great place to learn is the strong home-to-school partnership that exists in each of our buildings. As part of that effort, please encourage your child be active – in clubs, performing arts groups, athletics, and academics. There is truly something for everyone and everyone is welcome to join our myriad activities. In tandem, as parents/guardians, I encourage you to also become involved in our schools - join the PTA, SEPTA, oversee homework, enjoy a good book with your child, encourage discussions on what your child learned that day in school. You are your child’s most important role model, your impact cannot be underestimated.

Great things are happening each day, so let’s work together to have an amazing year. Fly high T-Birds!

Lynda G. Adams, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools