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Connetquot High School Library



 "A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life.”
~Henry Ward Beecher

Reach Mrs. Carr anytime at
Mrs. Carr's Library Site

Library Hours

7:00 am – 2:35 pm

Library Staff
Mrs. Cheryl Carr - Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Nicole Clark - Library Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Annie Kubisa - Library Teacher Aide
Mrs. Gina Ferreira - Library Secretary

Mission Statement
The Connetquot School Library Media Specialists aspire to prepare students to be lifelong learners, to become responsible and discriminating users of technology, to promote digital citizenship, and to acquire a love of reading.  To this end, we provide access to current, accurate information, valuable resources, and a wide array of programs to reflect the needs of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community at large.  We will continuously offer state of the art and cutting edge services that demonstrate knowledge and excellence in media, technology and information.  We will embrace all individuals with cultural enrichment, professional expertise, and innovative, creative services.  Our goal is to prepare students for the 21st century by teaching the information literacy skills necessary to be successful.  The Connetquot School Library Media Centers are gathering places for students to enhance their learning in a safe and pleasant environment.

Library Rules
·No food
·Only closed top drinks
·You must have something quiet to work on or read.
·Once you are here, you must stay
·If you need to use the restroom, you must ask for a pass.
·Please speak with a soft voice.
·Please clean up after yourself.



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