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Code of Conduct

Athlete/Spectator Code of Conduct 


Below are excerpts from the Section XI Spectator Code of Conduct:
*New York State Law prohibits alcoholic beverages of any kind on school
*New York State law further prohibits any person under the influence of alcohol
 to be on school property.
*New York State Law prohibits smoking on school property.
*The school expects our adults and parents to set the tone for all spectators and
 serve as appropriate role models for all of our student athletes.

Connetquot Athletic Code of Conduct


The opportunity to participate on a Connetquot School District athletic team is a privilege afforded our students by the Connetquot School District’s Board of Education. With every privilege comes an inherent responsibility. The following Code of Conduct was developed by a committee of Connetquot High School senior athletes with the intent to provide every athlete, parent and coach a clear set of expectations and rules of behavior for a Connetquot athlete. The Connetquot School District has taken great pride in the accomplishments of our athletes throughout the years; however, the Connetquot School District has taken greater pride in the character, behavior, and citizenship of the boys and girls young men and women who have worn the Connetquot uniform. It is hoped that every athlete and parent will better understand what it takes to be called a Connetquot athlete and aspire to keep this tradition of excellence.

Prohibited Behaviors for a Connetquot Athlete
Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Abuse

An athlete may not use alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances such as illicit drugs or steroids at any time. Any student found to use alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal drug on or off school property at any time, including weekends, during the sport season will be suspended from participation in that sport.

If a student self discloses and informs a coach or other official about a substance 
abuse problem, suspension may be waived if the athlete is willing to take active 
steps to remedy the problem.


Hazing is a form of harassment whether it is physical or verbal, should not be condoned by a victim, a coach, staff, family, school administration, fellow students and especially team members. Students found to have committed an act of harassment and/or bullying against any student in the Connetquot School District, including team members, will be faced with strong disciplinary actions, which may include suspension from their athletic team. Team members are fully expected to notify a coach if any behavior is observed.


Foul language and insulting remarks are not permitted.  

Students will not be permitted to fight or strike teammates and opponents unless in the context of the sport where such physical contact is required or permitted.

Athletes are expected to obey a coach’s directions. Disobedience, unwarranted comments, and other subversive behaviors may interfere with the coach’s ability to conduct a practice and may distract from the time a coach should spend for the purpose of the team. Athletes are expected to communicate with coaches before or after practice to avoid distracting team 
practice and team goals.

Athletes are expected to follow the rules and protocol of their sport and should not intentionally violate any rules of the sport that they are playing during practice or competitions.

Expected Behaviors for a Connetquot Athlete

Students are expected to attend every practice and athletic contest.

Students are expected to abide by the rules of attendance established by each coach.

Coaches are expected to clearly inform students of their attendance policy so athletes are fully aware of the coach’s expectations.

Students must be in attendance in school to legally participate in an athletic event or practice. Students must also report to school no later than 10:30 a.m. in order to participate in a game or contest for that day. 

In the event a practice must be missed, the athlete is responsible to provide a valid reason. Disciplinary action will be based on the coach’s policy and discretion.

Student Discipline in School

Students who are on suspension from school for any reason may not participate in athletics during the suspension. Any student that is assigned an ISS or OSS may not attend practice or games on the date(s) of the suspension. Students with a history of discipline issues may lose the privilege to participate in athletics.


It is important for athletes to remember that participation is a privilege that is not to 
be abused by unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Connetquot athlete is to demonstrate self-control and respect for teammates, other athletes, officials and spectators at all times. Connetquot athletes are expected to treat opponents with respect before, during and after competitions.

Congratulations, shaking hands and other acts of good sportsmanship are expected 
from the Connetquot athlete.

The Connetquot athlete must understand the following Sportsmanship Code:

Follow the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play;
Eliminate all possibilities which tend to destroy erode the best values of the 
Stress the values derived from playing a game fairly; 
Show cordiality and courtesy to visiting teams and officials; 
Establish positive relations with visiting teams and hosts;  
Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials; 
Follow the section XI, NYSPHSAA and Connetquot High School rules of 
Encourage leadership, use of initiative and good judgment by teammates; 
Recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, moral, 
social and emotional well being of the individual player; and 
Remember that an athletic contest is ONLY A GAME, not a matter of life or 
death for an athlete, coach, school, spectator or community.


Spectator Behavior

Spectators are an important aspect of the Connetquot athletic program and enhance the accomplishments of the individual athletes. All athletes that are spectators at other sport contests are held to the same rules as they are during participation in their own sport. Failure to follow the spectator code of conduct may result in loss of playing privileges in their own sport.

Spectators are expected to conform to the accepted standards of sportsmanship and may never distract from the accomplishments of the Connetquot athletes. Spectators are capable of creating a negative impression of the Connetquot athletic program and embarrassing Connetquot athletes. The following behaviors must be 
followed by all spectators:

Respect officials, visiting coaches, visiting players, visiting cheerleaders and visiting spectators. Treat all visitors as guests to our community and extend all courtesies to our visitors;

Booing, whistling, stamping of feet, disrespectful remarks and obscene gestures must be avoided and will not be tolerated; 

Bells, horns or other noise devices will not be allowed at any contests;

All Spectators must refrain from making derogatory comments toward any 
Connetquot player, coach or spectator; 

Absolutely no comments of a personal nature may be made toward a visiting 
player, visiting coach or official.

Parents of athletes should refrain from confronting coaches during 
practices or after games. Any conferences regarding their child should 
occur at a time that is acceptable to both the coach and the parent.
Messages for coaches may be left in the athletic office. (244-2223 ext. 2159 or 2162)


The athletic coach will be responsible for determining the nature of any offense of 
this code and assigning the disciplinary action.

The student athlete and his/her parent/guardians will be given the opportunity to discuss the charges and disciplinary action with the Athletic Director or another designated administrator.

Additional Information

Each student athlete that participates on a varsity or jv interscholastic team must hand in a code of conduct signed by the athlete and the parent prior to participating in their first interscholastic contest of each season.  All student athletes and a parent or guardian must attend the "Meet the Coach Night" scheduled at the beginning of each season.