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Anti-Substance Abuse Task Force



The Connetquot Anti Substance Abuse Task Force was formed by the Board of Education in an effort to pro-actively address problems arising from the culture of substance abuse that exists in our society today. To accomplish this we will be seeking input from staff members, parents, clergy, business leaders and legislators..

Our belief is that we can empower our students, parents and community by familiarizing them with the signs, symptoms and dangers of unhealthy behavior while also providing possible solutions to address this problem. By making informed decisions our students will have the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and better resist poor choices.

One of our goals has been the establishment of this website for our community. We will supply updates on the progress of our Task Force, include a confidential e-mail question and answer forum and also provide you with links to access additional information you might desire regarding the issue of substance abuse.

We hope that you will continue to visit this website and that you will find the available information valuable in your effort to continue to promote healthy decisions and lifestyles.

The following is a list of the Task Force members:

Dr. Lynda G. Adams - Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Gail Cholden
Lisa Farrell
Gail Santo
Rosemary Weaver

On this page you will find links to important information regarding ways to prevent drug and alcohol use in our children. Clicking on a link will take you to a new browser window outside of the Connetquot website. If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer, be sure to press the Ctrl key while clicking these links to allow the new window to open.

If you have a question regarding anything on the Connetquot Anti-Substance Abuse Task Force webpages, please click the following link to email them to: