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Project Scope of Work

Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School


  • Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile Abatement
    Replace all remaining asbestos floor tile and vinyl cove base. Bulk scrape all existing mastic. Furnish and install new vinyl composite tile, 6" rubber cove base. Proper floor prep prior to installing new flooring shall also be required. Work shall be completed in strict accordance with NYSDOL ICR 56.

  • Bathroom Floor Repair
    The request was made to address the epoxy floor that was installed in 2 toilets at OBMS. Based on visual inspection, it appears that epoxy flooring material was installed directly over the existing ceramic tile. We are recommending to shot blast over the floor to remove the epoxy and scarify the ceramic tile. Install 1/4" self leveling concrete over existing floor when shot blasting is complete. Install new ceramic floor tile and low profile Hollywood saddles at thresholds. 

  • Steam piping replacement and asbestos abatement
    Remove all existing asbestos pipe wrap from all existing crawl space and perimeter sand tunnels. Replace all existing supply and return lines as well as cast iron sanitary lines. Reinsulate all newly installed supply and return piping. 

  • Auditorium reconstruction
    The request was made to make renovations to the existing Auditorium. The list of improvements include as follows; replace all house lighting with LED and tie into new lighting board, new ceiling hung projector, replacement of existing sound system and board, acoustically treat the rear walls of the space, properly run new wiring to sound board using a combination of saw cutting floor and furring out half wall adjacent to the folding partition. Provide A/C into the auditorium. Provide separate controls to each section when dividing walls have been extended. Extend stage at house left and right to create more space on the stage. 

  • Refurbishment of Library to create Media Center
    Convert existing library into a multi-functional media center intended to expand students creativity where they can gain access to information and resources. The term used is a "shared learning space". This will involve new furniture including flexible seating options, and shelving, ceiling and lighting replacement, replacement of existing flooring, electrical, demolition, technology a new circulation desk, finishes and carpentry. Open wall between the existing library and the computer lab with a glass partition which will improve line of site and allow for the spaces to feel larger than they are. Creation of flexible teaching spaces will also be incorporated into the project.

  • Replace Existing underground Electric Service
    Replace existing incoming Primary lines from street to existing pad mounted transformer. 
    As part of the 2014 capital projects, the district under a partial DW unit ventilator replacement. To date there are still 13 original UV's located within the building and the request was made to replace these units. The recently installed controls can be removed and reinstalled onto the new units as part of this project. Additionally, the cost to convert all existing equipment from pneumatic to DDC is included as well. This will include, fan coil units, convectors, ceiling hung H&V units and appx. 42 exhaust fans.

  • HVAC Reconstruction
    The request was made to improve the overall drainage and field conditions of the building's athletic fields. Due to the high water table, the natural grass fields do not drain very well.

  • Athletic Field Reconstruction
    The request was made to install a synthetic turf field in the area of the existing grass fields. The issue become field space or lack there of. If a new 400 meter track and a synthetic turf field was to be constructed on the site, due to the space required, you would lose every field in that area including the baseball and softball field. The proposal would be to raise the site by 12" and reconstruct all grass and clay fields. We would propose the installation of a properly designed sub-surface drainage system. We would incorporate sand slit drainage and a collector pipe manifold system which will tie into a low profile drainage system to incorporate the storm water.